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Kauzka-Procellia meeting [IC]

Sasaufe changed clothes for the forth time, not wanting to come off as too intimidating but wanting to seem as important as she was. She was relatively young to be High Councillor, at only 29 years of age, but her cunning, resourcefulness and ability to lead had secured her place a year ago, and had kept her in power. She settled with a dress made of a white fur, as was the custom to wear fur and a brown fur scarf to keep her warm. The dress was sleeveless and went down to her ankles. She also wore a golden necklace with a ruby in the shape of a cats paw that adorned her neck. Several rings were on her fingers and her hair had been curled and bobbed when she walked. In her hair she had a white flower. Sometimes people told her that she could be a model, but she'd always preferred to have a purpose in life other than people taking photos of her half naked. Her hair was a sandy brown, as was most of the citizens of Kauzka, and her skin was a similar color. 
She wondered what the Dras was like. From the knowledge she had of Procellia she knew that white children were selected from birth to become Dras, as they believed that that was the blessing of the demons, but she knew little else of his appearance. She supposed it did not matter though as the purpose of the meeting was to discuss relations between the two countries, it would be interesting to see how he differed from the populace though. She did not like positions of power being granted to people based on their skin or lineage, as she had been a victim of this for many years serving under Ranxiagrir, who differed only in appearance and family from her. She supposed that the citizens of Procellia were alright with this, as there was no complaints against him, and she guessed this was partially due to the religion, although some of the populace was atheist she knew. She walked down the hall and eventually to her jet, which used to be Ranxiagrir's, in which an escort of 2 unarmed Saber Tooth's, the elite force skilled in various marshal arts as well as weapons, so she felt safe even in the absence of their weapons. She climbed into a seat of the jet and put on a movie while it flew to Procellia.

Procellia City, Procellia

Ishay looked out through the wall of glass at the air strip below. Like most cities in Procellia their infrequent use of airplanes had relegated runways to military bases, in this case Vulnor Army Base across the lake from the actual city.

From his vantage the leader could just see the illuminated city, built upon many islands at the center of the great glacial lake. Above the low skyline of the city rose three buildings perched high on the city's three hills, the castle of the Lord of Procellia city, à large imposing cathedral and his own castle.

Behind this though rose the ring of mountains that surrounded the city, and protected it. Some days, sitting back at home in his castle, it was so easy to imagine that the world was just this small piece. That all the existed was the city, the small army base and the towering trees that filled the rest of the valley.

"Your Majesty, your guest is scheduled to land in ten minutes. The Prime Minister has greed to welcome her, and bring her into the airport." Said a royal guardsman, who had been stripped of all his weaponry.

The guards had protested this disarmament, or so he'd been told, but he wasn't worried at all. No man alive could hold a candle to the raw power of the men born and forged in the mountains of the winter kingdom.

(OOC: It would be 50℉)

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Sasaufe was startled as they hit turbulence. She had been fully immersed in the movie and hadn't looked outside. But she did so now and saw the tall buildings of Procellia City sparkle in the sun. They touched down and she waited for the plane to come to a stop. She stepped out once it had, holding the hand of one of her Saber Tooth's to steady her as she walked down the steps. She walked into the air-base, her high heels clacking on the ground and waited for someone to greet them.

Vulnor Army Base, Procellia

As the plane finished it's landing Prime Minister Sul crossed the Tarmac to meet their guest. Sul was dressed in loose yellow silk robes, decorated with emerald colored thread. His face was a warm light brown, like most Procellians and his almond eyes were framed by the long black hair that was in fashion.

The Prime Minister had been very nervous about this meeting, especially since his predecessor had been removed after the terrorist attack was blamed on him.

"Greetings and welcome to the winter kingdom your grace" he said, using the translating device he wore on his head. He offered a polite bow, such as was the custom between those of equal rank

"I am Prime Minister Sul, the new leader of the People's Assembly and head of our nation's military."

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Sasaufe greeted him in the customary greeting that Kioko gave foreigners, by putting her hand to her forehead in a salute fashion and then touching it to her belly. She then adopted the Procellian way and bowed back. 'Greetings Prime Minister Sul' She said in her heavily accented Procellian 'there is no need for that translator, as me and my guards are quite adept in your native language, I assume you lead under the Dras?' She asked.
(OOC what do you call the Procellian language?)

The Prime Minister hesitantly removed the head set and held it in his right hand, not wanting to offend their guest.

"Actually ma'am I'm the head of government, His Majesty is the head of the state. But as a member of the Royalist Party I proudly allow his Majesty to take the helm of our country, as he should."

Gesturing politely he said "Please follow me ma'am. The Dras is eagerly awaiting your arrival"

With that said he guided the small group into the airport, and up to the third floor where the Dras and his companions awaited in a lobby.

(Ooc: The language used for business is called Standard Procellian. But Procellia does have three regional languages that wouldn't be used for official purposes)

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Sasaufe smiled at the Dras as they entered the room. She bowed her head to him and saluted them in the customary way. 'So we meet finally, on behalf of Kauzka I apologise for Ranxiagrir's behaviour, I hope no one was injured' Sasaufe said to the Dras.

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The Dras, his alabaster skin and silver hair glistening in the sunlight stood and bowed politely.

"Please, think nothing of it my friend." Ishay said with a smile "Your nation fared worse than mine at his hands. But I digress, he's earned a rare life sentence and won't be causing any further problems."

The two royal guardsmen shifted position before a now promoted TSgt Vemel said "Your majesties, perhaps we should be returning to the castle? A summer snow storm has been forecast for tonight"

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'Yes perhaps we should discuss this on the way to your castle, I didn't dress for the cold and I wouldn't want to be caught in a snow storm' Sasaufe agreed 'may I ask though, what conditions has he been given, food, water, entertainment and where is he being held? I have no doubt that you dealt with him properly, but I would like to know lest the people ask' Sasaufe said as they walked.

"I can assure you that he is being properly punished" Ishay said as they got into a black sedan with tinted windows

"He's been placed in a maximum security prison located on an arctic island, which I've been asked not to disclose it's specific location. As for his conditions he has a one bedroom suite with a private bathroom, and access to television and a few gaming consoles. However, unfortunately due to the danger he poses he has no internet privileges. But the prison has a fully stocked library and exercise courts so he shouldn't be too bored. The food is, just food. They eat the same things as the guards anyway."

The Dras paused for a moment as he realised something "I guess I should mention that Procellia takes a very different approach to prisons. We do our best to maintain human dignity even for those who have done the worst."

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