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[OOC] Mekselia Summit

Here we can all discuss the goings of the Mekselia Summit, which is the world summit I proposed through telegram. If you have any questions or suggestions on how it could progress, this is the place to ask.

How did you inform the leaders of the summit? I just need that for reference

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An official invitation sent to their foreign ministries.


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Everyone please be aware that entry to the Palazzo Malzo means that:

1. This is a government building, so it is understood that you must surrender any weapons at the entrance.

2. In line with the above, and since we are holding an international summit, security within the building and surrounding it is tight, so your leaders are not in any danger.

(07-24-2016, 09:04 PM)TheSilverLugia Wrote: Flanking him were two members of the Elite Guard, a group of hand picked solders all armed with full body armour and top of the line weapons.

I'm really sorry, but like I said, such attire and weaponry cannot be allowed inside a government building.

Can I say that they then realized this and proceded to hand the weapons in?

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I would rather you said that they had surrendered them at the entrance, since security would have kept them from entering otherwise.

I can edit mine if you want?

Yes please.

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