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[IC] One Night in Castietya

Floor 63 of the Libera Ŝtato Building
The Imperial Republic of Centra

Smoke filled the dimly lit room. There was no real reason for such an occurrence; ventilation shafts were some of the best on the Septiman Isles, the windows had the possibility of being opened, and the meeting about to take place was officially sanctioned and sponsored by the Imperial President herself, meaning there was no secrecy surrounding the attendees. Nonetheless, the only smoker in the room was also the most powerful, and his word outweighed the desires of the diplomats who were slowly trickling in.

One of the diplomats, an old one from the Diktatoreco of Venka by the name of Rava Siegel, was not going to be intimidated by the smoker regardless. Venka was a rapidly industrialising Septiman nation, with the best airforce and rockets of all of the seven nations, and no diplomat or government worker worth their weight in dirt would dare question that. With the knowledge that a war, while seemingly inevitable given the high tensions, would very likely be won in the air by her side, Siegel stood up out of her chair and smashed her hand onto the table. "In the name of that most aqueous Sakve, will you please clear the smoke out of this room?? We are not the savages of the Sartorians or the Selenids!"

A single puff of smoke emerged from the cigar before being blown out by the smoker. He stood, and from underneath the brim of the wide-brim hat the eyes of an angered and evil man emerged and locked onto Siegel. The intensity of their duel of stares was enough to set fire to paper, but barely a soul in the room thought to break the trance until the clock embedded in the table chimed 4 times. The smoker relented and broke off first, calling over one of the room's attendants to clear the smoke and seal the doors to allow the meeting to begin in earnest.

"I would like to begin this annual meeting of the Sep Nacioj by announcing a change in policy of the Imperial Republic of Centra." He stood up for his part, expecting little resistance to the change in official procedure, but as always there was the representative from Suba Johan, the weakest nation. Nonetheless, there was a certain decorum to maintain, and the pause of the speaker allowed said representative to speak up. He stood up in opposition, commanding the attention of all representatives at an impressive 2 meters tall, not including the boots.

"First Minister Strauss, on behalf of the Septiman Republic of Suba Johan, I must object to such a violation of the accepted procedure for the annual gathering of Sep Nacioj delegates. The Septiman Republic has never tolerated violations, and should the Imperial Republic find a need to begin this year's meeting on such a terrible start, then we shall not find a need to continue our attendance here in Castietya." The representative was a hardass about protocol, to be sure, but there was very little that he could do otherwise at meeting. Suba Johan's main economic power stems from its close proximity to Castietya, across the strait, although the President was desperately trying to fix the slump it found itself in, should a war break out again.

Strauss rolled his right hand's fingers across his rather large belly as the representative spoke. He entertained the latter during these meetings just to prevent a diplomatic incident from erupting, as that would break his attention off the incredibly insurmountable task of full mobilisation and militarisation he had so carefully guided in the last few years. The representative finished speaking, and so the First Minister responded. "Delegate Henn, I apologise for the disdain I have caused towards the Septiman Republic." Sarcasm filled the air. "There is nothing preventing you from departing this meeting and not returning, however, as opposed to years past, I will not bother to even hear the opinion of the Septiman Republic. Centra is a powerful nation, and it has deemed Suba Johan to be an existential threat to the contiuation of its government. As such, we are hereby laying claim to the entirety of the Septiman Republic, and I have sent an ultimatum to Suba Valo today demanding the full annexation of your land, Delegate."
Constantine Lambros
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