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Letter to the Emperor on the Subject of Raising Fornoire and Parthenopias to Barons

Constantine Lambros
Crown Prince of the Empire of Selene
Lambros Residence
Byzantium, Selene

6 August 2017

Emperor of the Empire of Selene
Kalominos Palace
Byzantium, Selene

Your Majesty,

It is with great pleasure that I formally recommend to Your Majesty the following individuals be raised to the title of Baron of the Empire of Selene, in the hope and trust that they will continue to serve the Empire as well as they have previously: Sir Fornoire and Sir Parthenopias.

Their intense dedication to Selene, including their efforts internal to the government and external of it, is a model for all Selenids, and by rewarding their service, it is hoped that their efforts will cause a cascade of good behavior across the Empire.

I look forward to speaking on this topic with Your Majesty soon.


Constantine Lambros

Attached Files
.pdf   Letter to the Emperor on the Subject of Raising Sirs Fornoire and Parthenopias to Baronies.pdf (Size: 18.9 KB / Downloads: 7)

[Image: letter_patent_150817.png]
[Image: WF4nfDK.png]

Justinian Kalominos
Emperor of Selene, Duke of Byzantium

If you have questions about the region, our regional roleplay, government or how to get involved, feel free to send me a message!

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