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Poll: Which Side Do You Aid?
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Oscad, Karkara Civil War Again!

After the recent meeting in the Drewish Empire, Karknar has officially declared war on Oscad once again. As his, the Drewish Empires and the Sol Federations forces sweep through the land, Oscad cannot hope to hold out without outside assistance. Will you help them survive, or will you take the side of Karknar and crush them for good?

OOC You can deploy troops in Oscad to aid either side but please keep it reasonable.

The Drewish Empire has publicly declared war on Oscad, and announced its military alliance with Karkara. The Empire has sent 65,000 troops to Oscad, along with 35 warships. Among these ships are two aircraft carriers.

Fornoire has declared war on Karknar and the Drewish Empire, sending an expeditionary force of 70,000 soldiers, plus 15 60 warships. Fornoire has urged "all free nations" to help Oscad, before it's overrun with a dictatorial regime. Fornoire has also sent Oscad $5 billion in aid.

The Sol Federation officially joins the war against Oscad, honoring the alliance by Karkara and the Drewish Empire. As such, the nation is know at war with Oscad and Fonoire, the latter joining on the former's side. Yutan has sent 90,000 troops to Karkara. 50 warships have been sent to defend Karkara's main island. "We must save the populace of Oscad from the evil of communism," said Yutan. "Under Karknar, I'm sure they will be saved."

Fornoire will begin a bombing campaign against Karkara/Karknar (?), first beginning to bomb the capital city. Fornirian Navy ships have also threatened to destroy any Soltek ships they encounter if they refuse to retreat.

Meanwhile, Fornoire has increased troops from 70,000 to 100,000

Though the Aethelian government is officially staying out of it, so far, some of the more glory-seeking individuals of Aethelia have formed a small mercenary special ops group of about 240 skilled and well equipped fighters. They look for an opportunity to save key Oscad members/buildings, or to join in on a decisive blow against Karkara, anything that will make them look like heroes in this conflict.

Amani Al-Jazari sighed and read through some more reports of the oil fields. They were mostly unaffected by the War of the Nahr, and she was glad that one of the main money makers of the nation was still in safe hands. Now her attention drifted to one particularly fresh paper, that read "OSCAD CIVIL" at the top, followed by the known details of the civil war in the island nation. She pondered a response, and picked up the phone to call the leader of Oscad. She had a plan, to stop the Solteks, but to do that, she needed a guarantee.
Constantine Lambros
Crown Prince of Selene | Contact him here

Evangelos "Vangelis" Dimitriou
Prime Minister of Selene | Member of the Ekklesia from Kalosia

Oscad had no phone number for leader, but since other nations insist on having someone to call, the number was directed to the #1 Manager Of International Affairs, a man who's name is unknown but is known as 'the peacekeeper'. This man now picked up the phone, and upon seeing it was from Alssahra, he prepared his apologetic voice. 'Good afternoon Amani Al-Jazari, I apologize for our support of Sach-aqa in the Nahr War but I hope you understand that we had taken a mostly neutral stance in the matter and once it was clear they wouldn't make peace we departed, now I assume you are calling about our civil war'.

Al-Jazari chuckled. "Your support for Sach'aqa in our war is inexcusable, but it isn't going to be a dealbreaker today. Alssahra will support the legitimate government of Oscad on the following terms." She took a deep breath and listed them off. "Number 1, Oscad agrees to a primary trading alliance with Alssahra. This means your exports and imports are ours. Unconditionally. Number 2, deportation of any opposition leaders to Alssahra, promptly and without a single death. Number 3, the Oscadian navy is unconditionally ours to command. We have fought many wars against brutal dictators. This one will be easy. If you accept these conditions, Alssahra will send a naval fleet with transports and will send more when our war is finished."
Constantine Lambros
Crown Prince of Selene | Contact him here

Evangelos "Vangelis" Dimitriou
Prime Minister of Selene | Member of the Ekklesia from Kalosia

Cassius Zeno declares war on Karkara, and sets the chosen fleet's course to Oscad. 50,000 troops and 10,000 units of mechanized infantry are mobilized. 15 warships along with 2 of the 3 Invasion-Class Aircraft Carriers are spearheading the fleet.

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