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Accounts of Almusāfir(Enhannsh: Almusafre) [800ad]

The following is the account of a Tawhidist Explorer's stay in the Princedom of Viemais.

Near the southeastern gate of Viemais, Eméron stood waiting. His job, as said by the Prince, was to meet up with an schalor from the Far East. According to accounts from a town down south, he was due to arrive sometime before noon. As Eméron looked up at the sun to check the sun, one of the guards accompanying him tapped his shoulder and pointed down the road. He quickly lowered his gaze in the mentioned direction and surveyed what  seemed to be a group of people moving up the road.

"Ah, that should be them," he said after studying the group.

Mounting his horse, he motioned for the two accompanying guards to follow him and sent his horse into a trot.
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